"When I'm thirty, I want to be..."

I am an artist of all mediums - portrait illustrations, still life studies, photographer of all kinds (with a strong love for film), painter, crocheter, and overall creator. Regardless of what I am creating, or creating with, I simply love the process - I love bringing something to life through a pencil, paintbrush, or lens, and working on something no matter how long it takes. Like most artists, I've been art-ing since day 1 - my mom knew it was my future when I was drawing our Christmas nutcrackers by sight at 5 years old (I'll need to dig that up sometime, I'm sure she still has it!)

I recently found my 5th grade yearbook and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time for this prompt. We wrote mini bios, including what we wanted to be at thirty years old. This past year I started getting hired for pet portraits and they are beginning to take off. Recreating someone's best friend for them is so special to me and I hope that this grows exponentially. So, to come full circle and read what I wanted to be at thirty years old when I was 11...❤️️ (Complete with signing my own photo 🤦‍♀️😂)

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